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Areas of Practice


UK visas, SEttlement, Citizenship

Anyone looking to visit, work, run a business, join a family or settle in the UK will need to be familiar with the UK immigration rules. The Home Secretary makes these 'rules' and publishes them in the public domain. But understanding them and knowing how and which one applies to you? Well, that's a whole new ball game. That's where I come in. I've been practising all spectrum of UK immigration law on a daily basis for over 10 years and have amassed a solid experience of representing  various types of difficult applications to the Home office, incl. Indefinite Leave to Remain and citizenship applications. 

Spouse & Human Rights Visas

There are visas outside of the Points Based System which have existed pretty much since the beginning of immigration rules. These are mostly relationship and Human Rights based visas and have undergone several changes in the recent years. Anyone who has attempted to prepare their own spouse visa or for leave outside the rules (LOTR) would know just how difficult it is to prepare and to do it well. But for me, these are just the type of cases I welcome. I have assisted clients in some of the seemingly impossible cases to a success and I enjoy the problem solving. 


As part of my Tier 2 Sponsor Licence compliance support, I also advise employers on setting up their HR system, right to work checks, draft various types of employment contracts (permanent, fixed term, Zero-hour etc.), advise on any disciplinary/ grievance matters, advise on redundancies, and draft settlement agreements for companies offering a severance package, and advise on the same for those employees exiting the companies. I also advise individuals in any discrimination cases and assist with the negotiation of any final settlement.

Tier 1 visas

There are several sub-categories of Tier 1 visas. Of these, I am particularly experienced in Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Tier 1 Exceptional Talent (for artists, tech entrepreneurs, and researchers). Demystifying the rules of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent is in itself a creative practice. I regularly give talks on these visas to various audiences including the Korean Cultural Centre and the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association. I keep in close contact with the arts community and I regularly compare statistics of applicants from the Home Office and share latest developments. Check out my blog for updates. 

EEA children & family members

Brexit is upon us but EEA free movement rights are not yet over. There is certainly a lot you could do to protect your existing rights in the mean time. With circa. 6 million applications expected between now and immediately post-Brexit, it would be a wise move to get in any outstanding applications for EEA residence documentation ASAP. If you are an EEA national or have family members, don't hesitate, seek advice today. If you are still unsure of your fate or what you should/ could do, go and check out my blog for latest news. 

Civil Litigation & Agency Solicitor

Civil litigation covers a wide range of work. For me, I help businesses (small to medium) and individuals resolve any disputes with their suppliers, any sales, services, supply contracts gone wrong. Sometimes it could be for something very unusual and unique, e.g. liaising with the bank for the return of erroneously transferred funds, representing a student-client’s position to their university on any academic decisions according to the institution’s by-laws. Experience tells me that no case is too strange. I also act as agency solicitor for London and the surrounding areas.

Tier 2, 5 Sponsor Licence

I have been assisting employers of all types (traditional companies, charities and religious organisations) from the start of the Points of Based System. I advise organisations on their sponsor licence application stage by stage,providing strategic structuring of their recruitment processes to align with the Tier 2 sponsor duties, incl. Resident Labour Market Test, applying for Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship allocation, Sponsor Management System maintenance, and post-licence compliance. I can also provide urgent representations such as attending Home Office visits, civil penalties, licence suspension and revocation. 

Immigration Appeals & Judicial Review

It's no secret that some refusals happen simply because of bad decision-making on the part of the Home Office. Over 50% of Home Office refusals are overturned at the Tribunal. I regularly prepare appeals and represent clients at the tribunal, against the Home Office. The appeal process can be a long wait (over 12 months) but it could be the only effective remedy in some cases (e.g. allegations of deception or falsifying documents). Where appeal is not available, I could assist with Judicial Review applications. Get in touch for more details. 

Criminal Defence & VIctims of fraud

I represent clients who are formally arrested and charged with an offence in the UK, typically for assault, drug offences, sexual assault, and rape.

My firm does not provide legal aid and I can only take cases that are privately funded. 

I also assist overseas clients who have been a victim of cyber fraud with some links to the UK, by helping with the initial police report and, where possible, return of the funds. 


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