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How to avoid turning your expensive India Trip into £3.72 worth of UK stamps [10 Jul 2014]

Seriously, DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL PLANS until you have your visa and PASSPORT IN YOUR HANDS!

As an immigration lawyer, it would the most frustrating to see the good work on a case get overshadowed by the clients failing to heed to this one simple piece of advice. With any court awarded compensation for the lost travel being very unlikely, if you don't want to see your India trip turn into a pack of 1st class stamps, there's no better time than now to heed to this advice.

The poor guy featured on Metro London today. The compensation is utterly paltry but however much you wish to travel at a particular time, making prior travel arrangements will not force anyone to act faster for your application/ postal/ visa process, and the remoteness of damage in order to recover the cost of the lost holiday is rather tenuous in most cases (meaning, unlikely to obtain any compensation for the lost travel arrangements) so if you want to avoid any costly *disappointment* (to put it mildly), Do Not Make Travel Plans Before Your Visa and/ or Passport Is In Your Hands! Pleeease!