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Tier 1 Exceptional Talent - Tech City UK 2015 - 2017

The Home Office took some time to get back to my request from April 2017, but at least they are here! Hear ye, hear ye, all Entrepreneurs in the Tech World, these are the stats. 

Tier 1 ET - Tech City Success Rate 2015 - 2017

All self-explanatory, but thought I'd explain a few things. 

  1. This bar chart shows you the (%) rate of successful applicants to Tech City UK for endorsement. These figures should include applications for Tech North since they both fall under the same visa and sub-discipline category.
  2. The numbers along the X axis (the vertical line on the left) shows the no. of applications.
  3. Exceptional Talent and Promise figures appear in separate bars. Where there is no bar shown, there is - apparently - no data or '0' entry. 
  4. Bearing in mind the 150 allocations given to Tech City UK each year (split into 2 chunks, April - Sept, then Oct - (following year) April), the graph above is intended to show a trend (if any) of the time of the year when applications tend to be concentrated. 
  5. 'Undecided applications' means applications still being considered for a determination at the time the stats were collected.  
  6. A general observation is that the total number of applicants for both Talent and Promise category to Tech City UK is increasing each year with no rejected applications! 
  7. Those that are neither successful nor rejected fall into the other category of either 'undecided' or 'Not Endorsed'. No precise definition of 'Not Endorsed' is given by the Home Office yet but one could conjecture these to be applications where further information was needed but never received, or where the applicant just abandons the application. 
  8. Despite the increase in the number of applications each year, success rate remains optimistically high. Also, the trend of fewer applicants than there are allocations seem to continue, meaning you still would stand an excellent chance of being considered, and achieving success in your application - at any time of the allocation year!

More details are coming soon! Watch this space. 

If you are interested in getting your case assessed for an application, contact me for a consultation. 

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