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Is a Sole Representative's spouse who joins the main applicant later in the UK eligible to apply for ILR?

(i.e. even if they have lived in the UK for fewer than 5 years in total? Or even if they have been outside the UK for more than 6 months in each of the 5 years?)

Yes, they are. The relevant immigration rules Part 5: Working in the UK, para.196D states the requirements for dependants of a Representative of an overseas Business ("Sole Representative"), which includes a continuous period of 5 year residence. Additionally, Home Office Staff Guidance (v.13.0 April 2016) on assessing this 'continuous period of 5 years' states that no more than 180 days of absence within each year of the whole 5 years residence is allowed. While the main applicant must meet this residence requirement of continuous 5 years, there is no such requirement for their dependants.

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