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Tier 1 Exceptional Talent - Engineers

My FOI request to the Royal Academy of Engineers came back at Easter.

It was a bit disappointing to see that the numbers were bunched up together between 2015 - 13 April 2017, because the Royal Academy of Engineers were allocated a finite number of endorsements each year (150 per year, split into two periods, i.e. 75 between 6 April - 30 September and 75 + whatever is left over from the first period between 1 October - 5 April). But still incredibly useful statistics nevertheless. Between some 2.5 years (2015 - April 2017), the Royal Academy would have been allocated over 300 endorsement by the UKVI but only 56 applicants (representing circa. 19% of all available endorsement) even attempted the application for endorsement. (Exceptional Talent categories tend to be fewer because of the high threshold so that's normal). Both Exp Talent and Exp Promise categories, more than a majority of the applicants succeeded (72% avrg.). Finally, there doesn't appear to be the Academy-own production of leaflets or information sheet on this visa route. They refer to the UKVI guidance only.





  1. Still too few are applying for endorsement under the category (19% of all available endorsements).
  2. Once you do apply, the success rate is fairly high (72% on average across both categories).
  3. Perhaps information on Tier 1 Exceptional Talent/ Promise is not so widely known or available. Well, fear not! Solicitor Cho shall be posting updates and further information on this throughout the year.
  4. Conclusion? It's definitely worth a try!

Incidentally, I loved the RA's politeness and speedy response. Much appreciated and it was a pleasure dealing with the Academy.